Student of the Week Update in Room 3

February 6, 2013

By Will


Congratulations to Prosper who was awarded Student of the Week on the 14th of December for his excellent performance and beautiful singing voice during the nativity play. What a star!

Avram was our Christmas Student of the Week (Dec. 21st) for his kindness towards his classmates as well as excellent writing and artwork. Avram came first in the class colouring competition and won a delicious chocolate Santa! Well done!

The first Student of the week award for 2013 went to Adam on 11th January. Adam is a very good boy in class and knows all his tricky words very well. He is a good friend and always helps the boys on his table. Well-deserved Adam!

Séan B was Student of the Week in Room 3 on the 18th of January. Séan was a super messenger all week and helped teacher do lots of jobs. He also keeps his place very clean and has become an excellent listener. What an improvement Séan, keep up the great work!!

Alex McK was our Student of the Week on January 25th. He got full marks on his tricky word test and is becoming a very good reader. He always tries his best in class and has lovely manners. Well done Alex!

Student of the Week on St. Brigid’s Day was Luke Kelly. Luke has become so confident and loves to recite his rhymes and songs for the other boys. He is using lovely manners and being very patient and kind to his classmates. Keep up the great work Luke! :-)

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