Recycled materials Robots

March 25, 2020

By Will

Lots of creative work going on.

Our robots!

Nathan’s robot.

Ryan spent a long time collecting all the materials and building his robot.

Fabian’s robot

Everybody worked together to share materials.

Dean brought in his toolkit.

Working on building the robots.

The week before we left school 4th class spent two weeks designing and building robots. They looked at photos online of what other schools around the country had done for inspiration. The class collected a variety of recycled materials such as toilet rolls, cereal boxes, bottles etc. They designed their robot on paper based on the materials they had. Together they worked to build the robots, sharing ideas and materials. I was very impressed with the team work I saw – boys sharing things from home like special building tape, tools and ideas. The end result looked great as you can see from the photos and the class really enjoyed the whole process.

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