Our School Tour!

June 12, 2013

By Will

Last Friday Miss Mulvey’s class and Miss McQuaile’s class went on our school tour. We visited Croke Park first, and had a great time. We watched a mini-movie about what happens on an All Ireland Final Day. We then got to stand on the famous Hill-16, and even belted out a verse of Molly Malone! We went right down to the pitch and saw how much care goes into growing and maintaining each and every blade of grass. We also got to see the players’ V.I.P. lounge, where the players go after a final is played. Finally we walked right up to the top of the stadium and enjoyed our lunch in the sunshine!

After leaving Croke Park, we went on the Viking Splash Tour.  We drove around Dublin City on our Longboat-Bus and let out a Viking roar at the poor unsuspecting ‘Celts’! The boys were delighted when our bus transformed into a boat and we got to make a big splash in the Grand Canal!  A great day was had by everyone, and the sun made sure to shine for us!

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