Ms. Doogan’s Junior Infants

October 7, 2014

By Will

We have been very busy here in Junior Infants!  At this stage, the boys have all settled in really well, and we are all used to our classroom routines.  The boys have all worked really hard during their first month of school.  Here are some pictures to show you what we’ve been up to!


The boys are working hard, learning to write their names!


We have been learning all about recycling! We read a great book called ‘Michael Recycle”.  Michael Recycle is a superhero who teaches everyone how to recycle! We made a picture of Michael Recycle in art, and stuck on materials from our recycling bin!


Ryan and Richard are busy sorting!

IMG_1961 IMG_1963

The boys are making our ‘p’ sound out of playdough!

IMG_1966 IMG_1988

We painted pictures of rockets and stuck our photos onto them during our first week of school.


We even painted our own picture frames!



In maths we have been learning all our colours.  We decided to see what everyone’s favourite colour is!  Take a look at our chart! We all coloured teddies in our favourite colour, and stuck them onto our chart.  We discovered that yellow is the most popular colour, and orange is the least favourite colour in our class.

Make sure to check back on the website when Ms. Doogan puts up more pictures of us at work and also pictures of our work!


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