Ms. Doogan’s Junior and Senior Infants

October 20, 2015

By Will

We have been very busy here in Junior and Senior Infants! The boys have settled in really well and have done some great work! So far we have been enjoying maths games on our interactive whiteboard, and we love seeing what our friends are doing in our Bua na Cainte program every day. The boys have learnt lots of irish songs; Tá teidí ag siúl, Is mise an traein, Cád atá sa mhála, to name a few! We are currently learning lots of halloween songs and phrases! In phonics, the Junior Infants have been working very hard with Ms. Hicks and they now know two groups of sounds! They’ve even started blending and teacher is very impressed! The Senior Infants are working very hard at revising all their sounds from last year, and practicing their handwriting. In P.E., we have been learning lots of playground games, such as ‘Duck,Duck Goose’, ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf’ and ‘The Bean Game’. We have also been practicing sprinting. In Science we have been learning all about our bodies and senses. As a treat for working so hard, we made popcorn to test our senses! We could hear it pop, see it, touch it, smell it, and best of all, taste it!!! In Aistear, we set up an opticians. We have had great fun playing in our opticians. We read the story ‘Arlo’s glasses’, and we designed glasses for Arlo. In art, we have made self portraits, timelines and beautiful Autumn trees! Check out our pictures below!

IMG_4543 IMG_4544_2 IMG_4545_2 IMG_4546 IMG_4547 IMG_4588 IMG_4585_2 IMG_4602_2 IMG_4600_2 IMG_4601 IMG_4598_2 IMG_4605 IMG_4460

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