January in Ms Fagan’s Class

January 16, 2015

By Will

01a11fd69aceaac641cf272853fc8b0b65859c5691Seán and David build a rocket launcher

01ab8edacc0fc254125658f2624e2ef096903aa6df_00001  These space controllers were working hard in the Space Station

01af645e6fa423afbfb973ffb194123a0390709aa8 01b0a95f662dc3ae0c7e90902d8999a39008223d5c

These boys were designing their own aliens!01cb6107c80d5846f2e6515bc46989a4bae6933933 017783e6d040447d920cbcda0d617ab0e99b1fa17d_00001 01148a3ca48f68dc24d4c8a706a22de6b984bb95e2 Simon and Ibrahim were making a solar system strip.

0133bb849797ac53dc7737913eb0315c2d603b312c_00002Killian wrote a letter to the space craft

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