I Spy Minibeasts

May 13, 2013

By Will

Last week in Junior Infants, we  learned all about insects. We found out that most insects have 6 legs and that they love to live underneath things in the damp and dark. Some insects can be very useful in the garden, for example, bees collect pollen from flowers and make honey in their beehives.

After learning a bit about insects, we decided to go on a minibeast hunt in the school garden. We used special equipment to collect our insects called pooters and tweezers and bug viewers. We had lots of fun searching for them.

After we found some insects we took them back into the classroom to study them more closely. It was amazing to watch them move around under the magnifying glass. We found spiders, caterpillars, earwigs, woodlice, and worms!!!

We wrote up our reports and then released the insects back into the garden. It was such a nice day we decided to have a picnic in the garden after all of our hard work. Check us out in action!

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