Hard and Soft

January 9, 2014

By Will

Welcome back to school everyone, it’s so great to see that everybody is ready to get straight back to work after the Christmas holidays! This week in Ms. Clinton’s class we have been identifying things that are hard to touch and things that are soft. We played a really fun game using only our sense of touch to determine whether an item is hard or soft. If you would like to play the game at home here’s some of the things that you’ll need: At least two people, a bag (that you cannot see through-no cheating!)  and a number of items that are soft and some that are hard. You’re ready to begin! One person puts their hand into the bag and has to  describe what they can feel, if it is hard or soft, smooth or bumpy etc. and the other person has to try and guess what the object is from the clues given. Who said learning can’t be fun?!!



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