Eric and Molly visit Junior Infants

May 7, 2014

By Will

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We were very lucky to have a special visit this week from Eric and Molly.As  we have been learning all about pet care, my brother Eric kindly agreed to come in and talk to the boys about Molly, his dog. Molly is a four year old beagle, who was born in Wexford and has seven brothers and sisters.

Eric talked to the boys about how he cares for Molly, bringing her for daily walks, feeding her and making sure she attends the vets regularly for health checks. Eric then showed the class Molly’s food bowl and the nuts she eats, her lead and her name tag and some of the toys she likes to play with. The boys showed great interest in Molly and even more in Eric, asking question like “how old Molly was and how old he was?” “Did Molly sleep in his room?” and “Where did he work?” Having answered all of our questions, Eric showed the class some of Molly’s tricks which included, fetching when told, finding hidden food and raising her paw to “shake hands”. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the show! Everyone then came up to pet Molly.

Before Eric and Molly left, we had a quiz about all the things we had just learned. Eric then  gave each boy a lollipop for their excellent behaviour and manners. The boys were certainly delighted with the visit as you can see from the pictures!!

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