Duleek BNS Entrepreneurs face off with the Dragons!

November 29, 2018

By Will

The 5th and 6th class boys are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP). The programme gives children across the country the opportunity to create entrepreneurial businesses in their classroom.

The children got to propose their business ideas to local entrepreneurs and a winning idea is chosen from each class (Ms.Smith 5th, Mr.Malocca 6th and Mr.K McDonald 5th & 6th) The three winning ideas will then go head to head at the Duleek BNS Christmas Market (which will be held on Thursday 20th December ) where an overall winner will be decided.

We were very lucky to have entrepreneur and businessman Gavin Duffy and Dr.Eric Clinton (Head of Family Business, DCU) as our guest judges.

The boys did a great job at presenting their ideas and standing up to tough questioning from the dragons. A huge thank you to teachers Ms Smith, Mr McDonald K and Mr Malocca for getting the entrepreneurs ready. Also a big thank you to Mr Gavin Duffy and Dr Eric Clinton for giving so much of their time to the project and giving some great advice.


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