Active School Slogan


Active School Slogan

And the winner is “Move it, grove it, active schools it”




Here is just a taste of the other entries:


1 “Jumping, exercising, keeping the flow, we’re an active school, now here we go”


2 “Move around and you’ll be sound”


3“Move it, grove it, Active School’s it”


4“Sprint, hurdle, jump or run, try stay alive, it’s lots of fun”


5“Don’t skip the race, stay in 1st place”


6“Exercise is very nice, it doesn’t even have a price”


7“Have a witness of our fitness”

8 “Active healthy body, active healthy mind”

9 “Just keep moving, get on grooving”

10 “Don’t be lazy, let’s get crazy”

11 “Moving is fun. it’s better than a bun”