Active School Flag Update

March 10, 2013

By Will


The school are currently working towards achieving our Active School Flag. We have a very enthusiastic committee with representatives from 2nd – 6th class who meet every Wednesday at lunchtime with Ms. Leppla, Ms. Ward and Mrs. Levins. We are encouraging all of the pupils to become more active throughout the day. Some classes have learned the Operation Transformation – Step It Up dance routine and drop everything and dance when energy levels begin to lull in the classroom.

We now have ”Football Free Friday” on the yard. The students are encouraged to play other playground games on Friday such as chasing, tag, donkey, piggy in the middle etc. This has proved to be a great success and some boys have even begun to make up their own games to play. Keep it up.

We are also encouraging all students to walk to school as much as possible, where it is safe to do so. Each class records the number of students walking to school each day and at the end of the week we add up all of the scores and the class who were the most active get treated to a certificate and an extra PE slot that week. Week 1 winners were Ms. Mc Quailes class and Week 2 winners were Mr. Mc Donalds 6th class. Well done boys.

We are also introducing a Sports Student of the Week in each class. Each teacher will award the certificate to the boy who makes the most effort to keep active both at home and in school.

We are also encouraging parents to get involved. If any parents are interested in coming in and talking to the boys or doing an active lesson with them in an area they have an interest in, for example, running, tennis, GAA, karate, boxing etc, it would be very much appreciated. We are trying to expose the boys to as many active activities as possible. Any parents who would be interested or know anyone that would be interested, please speak with Ms. Leppla, Ms. Ward or Mrs. Levins.


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