6th Class ‘This Is Your Life’!

October 11, 2013

By Will


2013-10-03 14.24.59 2013-10-03 14.26.35

Justin Beiber talks about his first memory

of playing music!!

2013-10-03 14.27.16 2013-10-03 14.28.32

Stand back….this could get messy!!!

2013-10-03 14.28.59 2013-10-03 14.32.01

And…..ACTION!!!                                                         OMG…..It’s Miley Cyrus!!

2013-10-03 14.33.49 2013-10-03 14.34.07

Barack Obama needs protection!!

2013-10-03 14.34.22

Last week we had some surprise celebrities pop into our class…Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber to name but a few! The boys in 6th class had great fun working together to present ‘This is your Life’!

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Fáilte ar ais!

Fáilte ar ais!

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