3rd Class

November 8, 2015

By Will

Bird-feeders made using wood and plastic milk bottles

maths 3

Showing how we worked out the answer on whiteboards


Séan, Damian, Amos and Cormac show how they got the answer




We have been working hard since September in Ms Fagan’s 3rd class. We planted some daffodil bulbs outside on the school grounds and in class. We are learning all about birds and doing some bird watching at home and at school. We know that as it gets colder it is more difficult for birds to find food so we designed a bird feeder and have been making them for our gardens at home. When the school garden is ready we will move some there also. At the end of November our school are holding a ‘Water Day’ and we are looking forward to displaying the results of our water experiments. maths

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