Keep those whites white!!

February 8, 2013

By Will

I’m sure you’ll agree that a bright, shiny smile can cheer just about anyone up….but not if your teeth are yellow, brown or even purple! Luckily we don’t have to worry about having multicoloured teeth right? WRONG…if you drink Coke, Ribena, Red Bull or even orange juice you could be at risk and here’s the proof. First and second class were very busy experimenting this week. We were interested to see the effect drinking certain drinks can have on our teeth. We decided to carry out a fair test on six drink beverages; water, milk, Coke, Ribena, Red Bull and orange juice. We used six plastic cups filled with the various liquids and into these cups we placed some chalk. The chalk represents our teeth. Each cup had the same amount of liquid and the chalk was left in for the same amount of time, as we wanted the test to be fair and true.What we discovered was very interesting!!

Cup one: water had no effect on the chalk.

Cup two: the milk had no effect on the chalk.

Cup three: the coke turned the chalk brown and softer than the two previous pieces.

Cup four: the ribena turned the chalk purple.

Cup five: the orange juice turned the chalk yellow.

Cup six: the chalk was the most effected in this cup, the red bull had not only turned the chalk yellow but it was also starting to crumble!!

So be warned all you fizzy drinkers, for healthy bones and teeth, milk and water are what you seek!!

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